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The series of paintings "Stars of HOLLYtoons" presents iconic characters in a fairy-tale and colorful style. The name is a combination of the words HOLLYWOOD and Looney Tunes. The first portrait shows Mickey Mouse celebrating at a VIP party in Miami Beach wearing designer glasses and a hat made of snakes borrowed from the mythological Medusa. While the confident and stylish influencer Minnie shows up at the Fashion Week event, surrounded by great guests. Bugs Bunny, after eating a magical snack, unexpectedly falls in love with a lovely lady at a party at the Playboy Mansion, and Scrooge McDuck is pleased to see his fortune through colorful glasses decorated with the logo of a surprising collaboration. The paintings in this series are full of energy, joy, and a positive attitude. They take us to a world full of colors, luxury, and good vibes.

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