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I'm an artist and graphic designer from Poland. In my work, I focus on a combination of contrasting, metallic colors with a subtle, gray background and the dynamics of splashing paint. These elements give my paintings a unique character and atmosphere.


Inseparable motifs in my paintings are colorful portraits of animals. I love to capture their beauty and expressiveness while creating unusual scenery and forms. I want my works not only to reflect the world of animals but also to comment on various events, arousing reflection and emotions. For me, art is not only an expression of individuality but also a way to stimulate the imagination and discover new perspectives.

Artist from Poland with original art graffiti studio Daria Kolosova art Vincent Bardou Eddy Vitalone inspired
Monika Mrowiec Pop Art painting frida kahlo calligraphy graffiti street art international sale shipping  uniwue custom inquiry

In 2004 I started my adventure with art at Secondary Art School. I continued my studies at the Art Institute at Opole University in the field of Artistic Education and New Media.    

In my master's thesis, I describe Street Art, which is the main source of my inspiration. In my work, I try to refer to the works of its most outstanding representatives, such as Banksy or Shepard Fairey.


However, for me, art is a game that has to combine styles and generations, so I'm not afraid to combine ancient motifs with Pop art. Unobvious connections are one of my hallmarks.

*I belong to the Union of Polish Visual Artists.



Philipp Plein & KAWAI - event & exposition /

Philipp Plein Event - Warsaw, Poland


3.0 Project - Monika's Mrowiec Solo Exhibition /

Galeria Art in House / Warsaw

Collective Exposition / Kawai Art Gallery / Warsaw

Salon Wiosenny 2022 / Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole, Poland


Miejski Zgiełk - Wystawa kolekcji Lidii i Jurka Owsiaków

Galeria Sztuki ToTuart / Centrum Praskie Koneser / Warsaw, Poland

Salon Wiosenny 2021 / Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole, Poland



Art Metropol Europe / Barcelona, Spain

Salon Jesienny 2020 / Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole, Poland


SBB Event Hall at the Zurich Central Station, Switzerland 

2019 - 2016

Ziarno SZTUKI – Ogród NADZIEI (Charity) 

National Museum in Warsaw / Warsaw, Poland

Salon Jesienny 2019 / Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole, Poland

October Exhibition / A4 Gallery / Opole, Poland


Contemporary Polish Painters - Works Exhibition 

Defabryka / Warsaw, Poland

Apartment of the Future / Dobroteka / Dobrodzień, Poland

Fulfil child’s dreams 2016

Trade Show in Ostróda; 8th Night of Design; Łódź Design Festival;  MTM in Poznań / Łódź Ostróda Poznań, Poland

2015 - 2011

Fulfill child’s dreams 2015

International Furniture Trade Show in Poznan; ; Interiors Festival in Cracow; Gdynia Design Days / Poznań Cracow  Gdynia, Poland

Diplomas 2015 / Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole, Poland

OFF Fest 2014 / Open Air / Opole, Poland 


Night of Culture 2013 / Institute of Arts / Opole, Poland 

Diplomas 2013 / Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole, Poland


V Art Shelter 2012 / Institute of Arts / Opole, Poland 

Exhibition of Art Institute University Students

Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole, Poland 

A-Z Exhibition / Kofeina 2.0 / Opole, Poland 

ALPHABET / Zamostek Gallery MBP / Opole, Poland

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