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Sometimes it's good to be selfish - The Little Mermaid

In the kingdom of the deep, where the waves dance with the sound of the sea's melody, there lived a little mermaid named Ariel. But this was no ordinary mermaid. Her red hair shone like flame, and her eyes sparkled brighter than the most beautiful pearl shells.

When the sun was playing on the water's surface, a messenger came to the sea kingdom with a mysterious item - a Playboy magazine. Amazed Ariel looked through its pages, not expecting that her session photos would delight the magazine's creator himself. Additionally, her motto was on the cover.. "Sometimes it's good to be selfish".

This photo showed her in a whole new light. She was wearing fashionable diamond glasses from Moschino. She was decorated with elegant gold accessories, with dollars, branded ribbons, and Playboy bunnies floating around her.

Did this mean that from now on she should be more sensual, more self-confident? Will this change her current lifestyle?

She always understood that true wealth lies within. She didn't need gold or diamonds to feel fulfilled. Her treasure was love, friendship, and the desire to discover the world. They were what made life magical. Ariel put down the Playboy magazine with a smile and continued her journey through the depths of the sea, surrounded by real treasures that no gold could replace. Sometimes, however, she still returns to these magical creations to consolidate her sensuality, which makes her feel really great.

Sometimes it's good to be selfish - The Little Mermaid

  • Please send a message requesting the price.

    Limited Edition 25.

    Original print on high-end finish Dibond®. 

    Framed in a gold/silver ornamental frame (dimensions without a frame are 60x60 cm). 

    69 x 69 x 3,2 cm (Height x Width x Depth)

    It is possible to request a different frame (a wide range of frames available, including all those shown in the photos and many more)

    Medium: Print on Dibond® with acrylic paint touch-ups, each is unique.

    The artwork is signed lower right and countersigned on the back

    The work comes with a certificate of authenticity

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