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The artist was born in Opole and there, in 2010-2015, she studied at the Faculty of History and Pedagogy of the Opole University at the Institute of Art department, obtaining a master's degree in the photography and graphic design studio. She belongs to the Union of Polish Artists.

The artist has recently focused on classical art, drawing from the grace of ancient marble sculptures and the depth of mythology, while also incorporating the dynamic energy of pop art. This combination gives the artist a wide spectrum of subject matter to explore.

Artist from Poland with original art graffiti studio inspired by Daria Kolosova art, Vincent Bardou, Eddy Vitalone
IMG_8430 (2) b.jpg

The chosen technique for this style is unconventional; the artist exclusively utilizes paints derived from linseed or safflower oil to depict figures, purposefully abstaining from superfluous solvents. The sole medium employed is pure walnut oil, serving both as a substance for mixing paint during the creative process and as a natural cleansing agent for brushes.

"In my recent paintings, I focus on silhouettes and portraiture, capturing contemporary and historical figures set against vibrant, distinctive backdrops. These figures are surrounded by textures and elements inspired by luxurious fashion collections from renowned high-end designers. Monochromatic figures are the focal point, complemented by a series of contrasting elements featuring unpredictable motifs." - says.

Monika Mrowiec
Born in Opole, Poland (1991)

Humanistic Academy in Wroclaw
Postgraduate studies
Field of study: Architecture and interior design

Opole University - Faculty of History and Pedagogy
Art Institute

MA (2015)
Artistic education in the field of visual arts   

Specialty: Graphic design and new media

BA (2013) 
Artistic education in the field of visual arts   
Specialty: Visual communication

Secondary Art School of Jan Cybis in Opole
Specialty: Scenography techniques



Philipp Plein & KAWAI - event & exposition

Art Box Experience / Warsaw, Poland


3.0 Project - Monika's Mrowiec Solo Exhibition

Art in House Gallery / Warsaw

Collective Exposition / Kawai Art Gallery / Warsaw

Salon Wiosenny 2022

Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole, Poland


Miejski Zgiełk ‒  exhibition of works from private collection of Lidia & Jurek Owsiak

ToTuart Gallery / Warsaw

Salon Wiosenny 2021

Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole



Barcelona, Spain

Salon Jesienny 2020

Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole


SBB Event Hall / Zurich, Switzerland 

2019 - 2016

Ziarno SZTUKI – Ogród NADZIEI 

National Museum in Warsaw

Salon Jesienny 2019

Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole

October Exhibition / A4 Gallery / Opole


Contemporary Polish Painters - exhibition of works from Justyna Oslizlo's private collection / Defabryka / Warsaw

Apartment of the future

Dobroteka / Dobrodzien, Poland

Fulfill child’s dreams 2016

Trade Show in Ostróda; 8th Night of Design; Lodz Design Festival;  MTM in Poznan / Poland

2015 - 2011

Fulfill child’s dreams 2015

International Furniture Trade Show in Poznan; Interiors Festival in Cracow; Gdynia Design Days / Poland

Diplomas 2015 / Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole

OFF Fest 2014 / Opole


Night of Culture 2013 / Institute of Arts / Opole

Diplomas 2013 / Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole


V Art Shelter 2012 / Institute of Arts / Opole

Exhibition of Art Institute University students

Contemporary Art Gallery / Opole

A-Z Exhibition / Kofeina 2.0 / Opole

Alphabet / Zamostek Gallery MBP / Opole

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