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Don't lose a diamond while chasing glitter - Scrooge McDuck

Finally, the long-awaited moment arrived. After years of intense searching, Scrooge McDuck, an exceptional detective with legendary wealth and unparalleled talent, finally caught the mysterious Pink Panther.


Dressed in his exclusive Gucci attire, he proudly presented this most precious treasure, placed in a sparkling glass showcase. Crowns from Rolex adorned the buttons of his jacket, adding to his exceptional elegance. In the background, the slogan "Don't lose a diamond while chasing glitter" was displayed, perfectly capturing his life philosophy, which led him to achieve such immense wealth.


On the horizon, the American Express logo shone, reflecting not only his fortune but also his social prestige. It is a portrait of a magnate who has reached the pinnacle of success - inspiring others to pursue their dreams and embrace new challenges.

Don't lose a diamond while chasing glitter - Scrooge McDuck

  • Please send a message requesting the price.

    Limited Edition 25.

    Original print on high-end finish Dibond®. 

    Framed in a gold ornamental frame (dimensions without a frame are 60x51,5 cm). 

    68,5 x 60 x 3,2 cm (Height x Width x Depth)

    It is possible to request a different frame (a wide range of frames available, including all those shown in the photos and many more)

    Medium: Print on Dibond® with acrylic paint touch-ups, each is unique.

    The artwork is signed lower right and countersigned on the back

    The work comes with a certificate of authenticity

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