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Welcome to my graphic design portfolio!

Here, you'll find a diverse portfolio showcasing my expertise in designing dietary supplement packaging, labels, POS materials, and BTL projects. As a graphic designer specializing in the health and food industry, I bring creativity and strategic thinking to every project, ensuring that the visual representation aligns perfectly with the product and brand.


I have a strong background in creating eye-catching and informative packaging designs, from vitamin bottles to protein powder full-print bags. I understand the importance of conveying key information, such as product benefits, ingredients, and usage instructions, while maintaining a visually appealing design. My packaging designs are aimed at capturing the attention of the target audience and communicating the brand's message effectively. When creating projects, I always show them simple 3D visualizations so that the client has an idea of ​​how the product we design will look in reality.


With my expertise, I design labels that are not only visually appealing but also comply with industry regulations. Whether it's a simple label design or one that requires complex details, I ensure that the typography, colors, and imagery blend harmoniously to create an impactful and cohesive design, prepared for printing with any selected effects of gilding, embossing, or selective varnish.

The perfect combination of many colors is my favorite topic, but I also love to create clear and elegant designs. Fun fact: one of my dreams is to design a natural cosmetics line.


POS materials are crucial in attracting customers and influencing their purchasing decisions. These materials are designed to stand out in the retail environment and effectively promote products and drive sales. BTL stands are integral components of marketing campaigns, exhibitions, and fairs. I have extensive experience in creating unique and innovative BTL stand designs that reflect the essence of the brand and product.

The graphic design of integration trips and company events is equally important. For instance, we created an incredible atmosphere for Martini-Bacardi employees at a comic-style masquerade party, where the design was vibrant and playful. Another example is the K MAG x Martini party, where Polish celebrities celebrated the 7th anniversary of K MAG magazine. Additionally, the DOZ Adventure Tour 2016 featured a line of custom-designed gadgets for the integration trip of DOZ Apteka employees to the island of Lanzarote.